The Pan-American Indian Association & Adopted Tribal People Inc. A non-profit Native-Natural, Religious, Cultural, Educational Organization

The Pan-American Indian Association is NOT an Indian tribe; we have NO ties with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) or any other tribal authority.

We are people from all walks of life. A fellowship of Native American Indian and non-native individuals and groups of a mixed lineage that link through marriages or adoptions which occurred between the many different tribes and cultures of Earth Mother.

We are brothers and sisters who have tried to enroll into their ancestral tribe and for whatever reason have been denied; and for individuals who have felt the calling of the Ancient Turtle Lodge Heartbeat Drum.

We proclaim the equality of all who shares this place, to learn and follow the spiritual path that touches our hearts.

We affirm the right and obligation of each individual to learn, grow, and shoulder no more and no less than a fair share of the responsibilities of life.

Everyone not only has the ability to think for his or herself, but a right to do so. This is the natural way to learn to respond to nature with a sincere sense of personal responsibility and to let spirit teach through observation and circumstance. We must walk softly with respect for the Earth Mother and all our relations.

We affirm the sacred responsibility; each one has to “HARM NONE”, our family, our community, our nation, and our Earth Mother. We are to celebrate and protect what the Giver of the Sacred Breath blessed upon us.

We seek harmony with all brothers and sisters celebrating and honoring the spiritual teachings, the good and sacred that is found in ALL creation.

The Pan-American Indian Association is dedicated to the celebration, promotion, and preservation of the ancient natural ways of Turtle Island, individuals or groups working together, volunteering within our local communities living in harmony with Earth Mother and Father Sky, with respect in the brother-sisterhood of being related. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE ALL RELATED. WE ARE FAMILY.